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Plan of action

When searching for a new job, many people act quickly and without a plan. Others are just the opposite and are unsure of how to begin, becoming “paralyzed.”

To be successful in searching for a new job, it is important that you:

  1. Have a clear grasp of what you offer and what you want. This is something that we do not always have clear, and that is why the “Value Proposition” section focusses on this point. Once you have completed all of the previous exercises, you will know what your values and motivations are, your principle skills and knowledge, and your vision of work.
  2. Prepare the tools you will need to search for a job, which were the focus of the “Tools” section: resume, message, networking strategy, preparing for interviews, and a LinkedIn profile.
  3. Once you have clear what your objectives are, what your value proposition and conditions are, and you have your tools prepared, now is the time to create a plan of action – i.e., lay out time-bound actions/tasks and an organized plan adapted to your personal situation. This plan should guide you towards your final objective by completing, little by little, each planned action or task.

Activities could include: practicing your message with friends and family; reviewing key questions for interviews; contacting people in your network and following-up on those contacts; investigating and identifying target companies; researching particular businesses and industries; reviewing and updating your contact network; searching LinkedIn and job portals for employment opportunities; contacting selected businesses; and many others.

Searching for work is work in itself. If you are able to organize this work, achieve small milestones, and internalize certain habits, you will have much better results.

4. Thinking of your plan of action as if it were a sales plan will make the process more effective. In other words, it is not enough to have a better product if no one knows it exists.

You have your experience and skills to offer. You have identified target companies, industries, and positions. You have expectations for the salary and benefits you would like. Now, the only thing left is self-promotion. Ask yourself – How can I make myself more visible and become recognized? What networking actions can I take so that companies I am interested in will notice me?

All of this work is very personal, which is why we recommend that you enroll in a work transition program, which includes guidance from a coach who will monitor your advances and advise you on the areas you should further develop.

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