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Academic José Miguel Aguilera announced as winner of the World Agriculture Prize

UC Engineering professor and National award holder in Applied and Technological Sciences (2008) will receive the international distinction on October 28th in China.

Publish date: 04/10/2019

The academic of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Bioprocesses and National Award holder in Applied and Technological Sciences, José Miguel Aguilera, was named winner of the World Agriculture Prize 2019 during the annual Global Confederation of Higher Education Associations for Agricultural and Life Sciences (GCHERA) conference.

The international distinction recognized professor Aguilera’s contributions in education and his advancements in food engineering research. It is thanks to several of his studies that practical applications have been developed worldwide.

The GCHERA panel of judges also highlighted Aguilera’s pioneering work in establishing the microstructure of food, contributing to a better understanding of the science behind processed products.

At the UC School of Engineering, the researcher leads the Gastronomic Engineering Unit, combining the talents of chefs and engineers for the generation of rich products and dishes making a healthy contribution to the chilean diet.

José Miguel Aguilera became the first chilean to be part of the National Academy of Engineering in the United States. He also received the Alexander von Humboldt award from Germany and the Guggenheim scholarship, among other important distinctions.

His book “Gastronomic Engineering” by Ediciones UC, translated into English, was selected by “Choice” magazine as one of the 200 best academic books of 2013.

The award will formally be presented on October 28th, during a ceremony at the Agricultural University of Nanjing, China.


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