Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Costs and scholarships

Application costs

The application fee for year 2024 is CLP $81,050. Applicants to the Doctorate program are exempt but should nonetheless enroll through the payment platform to make their application official.


The annual tuition for year 2024 for the Doctorate in Engineering Sciences Program is CLP $ 6,846,000 (approximately USD$7,000.)

All values are adjusted annually.


For enrollment purposes, the applicant should incur the payment of the first tuition installment – 1/10 – equivalent to CLP $684,600; regardless of the type of financing (student funds, credit or scholarship.)

Cost of living

Information regarding costs of living in the city of Santiago is available in this link.


Internal and external scholarships and financial aid are available to support doctoral programs.

Internal Scholarships:

  • Scholarships for tuition and living costs.
  • Funding for doctoral foreign exchange stays.
  • Stipend for doctoral students to attend international congresses.
  • Program co-tutelle or co-direction with a foreign institution.
  • Funding for seminaries given by doctoral candidates.

External Scholarships:

Scholarship and financial aid offered by third-parties can be reviewed in this file.