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Career coaching

Most professionals start their career by taking any opportunities that are presented, without considering if said opportunities are the best fit. Years of employment grant professionals experience and knowledge of their own abilities and motivations, particularly as related to the types of businesses, industries, job positions, etc. This is the moment to pause and reflect on achievements and decide how best to move forward.

Am I doing the right thing for me or should I alter my course? This is a question commonly asked by professionals after years of going through changes in their working life, and it is natural that dreams and aspirations evolve over time.

Through the Career Coaching Program, you will have the chance to ask yourself this and other questions with the guidance of a specialized coach.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Broaden your strategic perspective of career development
  • Define your professional development goals and, with the help of a coach, bridge the gaps to achieve them
  • Create and implement a plan of action to achieve your defined objectives

This program consists of ten in-person sessions with a coach over the course of three months, and the associated cost is UF 80.

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For more information, write to colocaciones@ing.puc.cl.