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Industry Liaison Office

The Industry Liaison Office of the UC School of Engineering, a virtual office, is dedicated to strengthening and catalyzing the processes of knowledge transfer and relationships between the UC School of Engineering and the industry/public sectors, the aims of which being to have positive socioeconomic impacts and to contribute to the development of Chile.

Value Proposition

For Industry:

  • Ability to apply or exploit advancements achieved by the UC School of Engineering.
  • Efficient interrelationships through an intermediary that adapts to the requirements and realities of each respective industry.
  • Preferential contact and action channels regarding technological needs and opportunities in pursuit of value propositions.

For Professors:

  • Facilitated connection with industry and advocacy of skills.
  • Project back office.
  • Reduced project-management responsibilities to allow faculty to focus on activities related to creation and development.

For other organizational units:

  • Synergies in resource use and skills.
  • Ensured compliance with UC regulations.
  • Collaborative strategy.

Services for Professors:

  • Support in defining business model.
  • Support in defining strategies for protecting intellectual property.
  • Support in writing and applying to R+D projects.
  • Review (and work with School and DICTUC lawyers) on third-party contracts and agreements related to the execution of R+D projects.
  • Support in obtaining the rights to intellectual property.
  • Support in establishing new DICTUC units.
  • Support in founding spin-off ventures (e.g., preparation of report for Directory approval).


Coordinator of the Industry Liaison Office:

Muriel Oyarzún, muoyarzun@ing.puc.cl, teléfono +56223541204