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The School of Engineering has designed a series of formal academic courses that provide skills training and insights on innovation and entrepreneurship.

All engineering students are required to take two core courses that challenge students to design an innovative solution to a problem facing society.

ING1004 – Engineering Challenges: this is an introductory course for freshmen students, the primary goal of which is to provide a learning experience where students are challenged and motivated to complete an engineering design project. Students work together to address a real problem facing society, applying innovative, creative, and functional designs to construct a quality prototype.

ING2030 – Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship: this course began within the context of the “New Engineering for 2030” project, which is financed by Corfo. The objective of this course is for all School of Engineering students to realistically experience the complexities, uncertainties, and challenges of being an entrepreneur – from imagining and creating an innovate techno-scientific product to commercializing said product. To gain these experiences, students are asked work on a semester-long group project in which they must collaborate, investigate, construct, and implement a solution prototype, in addition to presenting a coherent business plan for the final product.

Apart from these required courses, the School of Engineering offers a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate electives on the subjects of innovation and entrepreneurship.

ICC2234 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Construction

ICS2010 Design Strategies for Innovation

ICS2015 Workshop on Entrepreneurial Skills

ICS2018 Entrepreneurship Competencies

ICS2730 Topics in Entrepreneurship

ICS3356 Innovations in Strategy

IDI2995 Entrepreneurship Mentality and Methods

IEN3610 Technological Innovation and Management

IMI3000 Creativity, Innovation, and Critical Thinking in Design

IMI3100 Technological Ventures

IMI3250 Negotiation and Leadership for Entrepreneurs

IMI3280 Collaborative Networks and Innovation

IMI3300 Strategic Management and Innovation

IMI3330 Innovation and Design for Foods

IMI3350 Social Innovation

IMI3360 Innovation in Digital Commerce

IMI3400 Business Planning and Financing for Ventures

IMI3450 Psychology of Innovation in Organizations

IMI3500 Systems, Environment, and Networks for Innovation

IMI3600 Marketing and Commercialization of Ventures and Innovative Technologies

IMI3700 Innovation Laboratory

IND3720 Technological Innovation and Management

INF3450 Information Technologies for Innovation, Quality, and Entrepreneurship

ING2040 Social Entrepreneurship and B Corps

INP3540 Competitive Intelligence and Technological Awareness for Promoting Innovation

Course Catalogue, here.