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Prototyping Contest

The third mission of the School of Engineering is to translate knowledge into innovations and entrepreneurships with technological and social foundations. This transformation of knowledge will not only cement the relevance and prestige of our community, but will also accelerate the development of Chile on the world stage.

In support of this mission, and within the framework of the Engineering 2030 Project, the School of Engineering established the Prototyping Contest as a way to support the experimental and prototyping stages of projects led by students and staff. This contest accelerates the process of transforming an idea into a real application for society.

The Prototyping Contest is focused on innovative projects that (i) present an evident degree of novelty compared to currently available market solutions; (ii) have a clear component of technological uncertainty; (iii) might significantly impact the market and/or society, and (iv) are in the prototyping stage.

This contest is open to all full-time staff members and undergraduate/graduate students from the School of Engineering. Recipients will receive financing for iterative design, i.e., activities aimed at iterating prototypes until arriving at a user-ready product. These activities can include construction and development, experimentation, in-field tests and technical validations, and/or market tests and commercial validation.

Funds provided by the Prototyping Contest are limited and are meant to accelerate and facilitate a rapid execution of the iterative design stage of prototyping

Questions? Please write to Constance Fleet at cfleet@ing.puc.cl