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École Polytechnique officials visit UC Engineering

Two officials from the French school École Polytechnique visited the UC School of Engineering to continue collaborative work between institutions on a variety of subjects.

Publish date: 22/05/2019

On May 22, two officials from the École Polytechnique in France visited the UC School of Engineering to continue advancing relationships between both institutions.

On this occasion, the visit was led by Bernard Drevillon, Emeritus Professor and Director of the Master’s Program in Renewable Energies of École Polytechnique, and Paul Marcille, Director of International Development-Americas of the French institute.

To continue work on developing a Dual Degree Program, both officials met with UC Engineering Professor Matías Hube, Undergraduate Director, and Ricardo Vilches, Subdirector of Student Affairs.

This program will allow students to complete their undergraduate studies in Chile and other highly prestigious institutions in Italy or France, including the École Polytechnique. Participating students will be eligible to graduate as a civil engineer from the UC and selected foreign institution.

The schedule of the visiting officials included meeting with Professor Julio Vergara and Carolina Tacla, Doctorate Coordinator for the School of Engineering. This meeting put forth a proposal to collaborate with the École Polytechnique on the Master’s program “Energy Environment: Science Technology and Management (STEEM).” Both visitors also met with Juan Carlos de la Llera, Dean for the School of Engineering, to reaffirm collaborative plans between institutions.


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