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New UC lab brings global financial markets to the classroom

Through innovative data platforms and analytical tools, university students will learn to trade in the stock market, evaluate economic scenarios and interpret how information impacts the global economy.

Publish date: 14/11/2018

The School of Engineering of Universidad Católica (UC), with the support of Itaú, inaugurated a new laboratory in the Science and Technology building of the San Joaquin Campus, which will bring the world financial markets into the classroom.

The Itaú Finance Laboratory, led by academics of Industrial Engineering and Systems, within the framework of Corfo’s 2030 Engineering program (programa Ingeniería 2030 de Corfo), will expose undergraduate students to data platforms and unique analytical tools.

“This innovative space will support the interaction between students of different disciplines through the use of sophisticated tools, such as Data Science, which can be used to solve problems in the financial, electric or mining markets, among others,” said Juan Carlos de la Llera, Dean of Engineering UC.

Dean de la Llera said he valued the support of Itaú in this endevour and appreciated the participation of Professors Nicolás Majluf, Gonzalo Cortázar and Tomás Reyes. Tomás Reyes will manage the use of the laboratory for the courses that can benefit the most from this project, such as Finance, Accounting and Management Control and Project Evaluation, among others.

“The possibility of simulating financial scenarios, modifying variables and obtaining different results will help to understand and decipher the logic behind the financial market. Itaú is a digital bank, and that is why we understand the relevance of the ability to analyze and draw conclusions in times of large volumes of information,” explained the bank’s general manager, Milton Maluhy.

Maluhy added, “Contributing to the education and training of new professionals stimulates the power of transformation not only of the students and teachers who will use the new facilities but also, through them, of the whole society.”

Unlike traditional training systems, the laboratory offers students the ability to simulate transactions in a stock exchange and gives them access to information and analytical platforms that are used in making financial and economic decisions.

In parallel, academics will be able to implement tasks, projects and workshops within the courses, which will allow students to improve their abilities to evaluate economic scenarios and interpret key information that affects the global economy.

Other departments that will take advantage of the Itaú Finance Laboratory are Mining, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering. In addition, the Institute of Mathematical Engineering and the Center of Energy UC, which have been recently inaugurated at the UC, will be enriched by access to the new laboratory.


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