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UC support services

Practical Information

Obtain information about where to eat, computer rooms, recreational areas, photocopiers, and campus maps, among other details. More information available here.

Student Health

The UC Office of Student Health attends and provides orientation on student health needs. The UC Office of Student Health provides timely, high-quality outpatient and urgent medical care for both physical and mental health. Likewise, the Healthy Campus initiative promotes an active, healthy UC through self-care programs and training students to be Peer Health Educators. More information available here.

Psychological Support Unit

The Psychological Support Unit (UAP, Spanish acronym) is a mental health center that conducts awareness and prevention activities. This unit has a team of psychologists and psychiatrists with experience in aiding university students, and their mission is to promote, protect, and actively support the wellbeing and psychological health of UC students. The most frequent reasons for consultations are symptoms of anxiety and depression, but issues of sleep, interpersonal relationships, and different types of student difficulties are also addressed. Many times, these challenges are better faced with professional help. To receive care, you only need to be an enrolled student and request an appointment. Care is free and fully confidential. More information available here.

Support Center for Academic Performance and Vocational Exploration

The Support Center for Academic Performance and Vocational Exploration provides students with a series of tools for perfecting the study process, in addition to clarifying any vocational questions. The objective of this support center is for students to improve their performance and be prepared to face new challenges arising during university life. More information available here.


The UC Library System provides integrated information services and resources and is comprised of a virtual library and ten physical libraries. More information available here.