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Recruiting services

We have a number of agreements and services available to businesses that facilitate the recruitment of both UC engineers as well as graduates from the numerous programs offered by the school.

Placements office for businesses

The Job Placements Office is a specialized area within the School of Engineering that facilitates contact between our students/alumni and businesses, in addition to creating opportunities for collaboration between the School and industry.


Recruiting from uc engineering

We offer businesses access to an online platform that facilitates the recruitment of students and alumni with diverse profiles and work experience. More information is available here.


Business recruitment drive

This initiative, which is held in the first two weeks of the first semester each year, is exclusively directed at graduates and certified alumni without restrictions regarding years of work experience.


Job Fair

The annual Job Fair provides UC students and engineers the opportunity to meet participating businesses and explore various job opportunities.


Meetings between businesses and our graduates

Businesses and institutions can hold external events that are supported by the Job Placements Office through publicity to and assembly of UC Engineering graduates.


Participation in program courses

Executives from businesses or institutions can participate as guest lecturers for program courses.



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